Hiring for New graduates

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A few words from Seiichiro Kitagawa, President and CEO.

Our major purpose for hiring is as follows.

With our ultimate technology, I do hope to bring dreams and excitement to the people of the world. My goal is to make "Nalux" one of the best companies in the world foreever with dreams and vision of future. Specifically Nalux brings dreams and excitment to global market by our overwhelming technologies. Nalux makes its all employees happy by strong sense of pride and high income.

The optical industry is expected to continue to grow as the core of the world's industry. Nalux, as the world's leading manufacturer of plastic optics, I believe that we have a responsibility to develop and promote our technology.

Our commitment to research and development is overwhelming and I believe that no other company is as committed as we are in terms of R&D.

I hope that this year's new hires will become competitive in global arena. We have many employees who exchange e-mails with world-class researchers daily and make presentations at many international conferences.

I hope that you will follow in their footsteps and take a lead to develop science and technology and thrive in global businesses.

For Science graduates

We believe that development of optics, nanometer level high precision processing and smart manufacturing, and making those as intellectual properties are the core technologies of our company.

We need people who is have positive mind-set in research and development, who can think about the roadmap for products, and who are willing to challenge proactively in a broad but logical and field-oriented manner (*understanding of phenomena in thorough manner).

Research is important, but in our business, we need to deliver the products which have significant differences from others by defining technical strategies and road maps.

Currently, optical devices are becoming more complex, finer, and higher dimensional due to technological advances. In order to commercialize these products, we need high-level technology to achieve breakthroughs, innovation, and reliability at the same time. Mass production with nanometer level precision is one of them, and conventional machines and methods of making molds/tooling have limitations. New mechanical structures are also required.

We have diversified the materials of our molds and use non metal materials that can be deeply etched as molds. We need a completely new and innovative technology.

In addition, we are working to innovate our quality assurance system by analyzing big data of quality and smart manufacturing using AI.

For Humanities and Arts graduates

We want to build and develop "the world's leading consulting and sales team in the industry". And since global business, administrative product planning, management, corporate planning skill sets and experiences are becoming more and more important, we would like to hire those people as many as possible.

Please join us as "Team Nalux" and let's make your "dream" come true together.